We deliver online installers (the .exe file sized around 3MB) to customers to install the Nero Software. The advantage is every time when installing, the online installer will check and download the latest version of Nero software.

If there is any problem happens when running the online installer, e.g. checking the latest version fails, downloading fails or gets stuck, or when installation fails, we also provide offline installer of the corresponding software. Please find your product in below, click to download it to your local PC, then try to install with the offline installers.

The download links of the offline installer:

Nero 2021: 

Nero 2020:

*Please confirm which Nero Platinum you ordered (permanent license or 1-year subscription license) and install the corresponding installer. If the installed Nero Platinum does not match what you ordered, you won't be able to unlock the product.

The 3 content packs are common and can be installed in any order.

Nero 2019:

Other tools: