Please follow up the steps below to use Nero AI Video Upscaler to upscale your video.

1. Try to import one video.

2. After importing, you can trim your video duration in timeline or set the Start/End time point in top-right panel.

3. In "Select AI Model", you are allowed to use some different models for upscaling:  Fast, Animation and Realistic. 

    Please just select the one which is suitable for your video. You can read the description of each model to get the information about which type the model is designed for which type of video.

4. Select the resolution/size as you want in "Upscale to". Generally, 2X of your video size will be selected as default.

5. Feel free to select the "Save to this folder" in your local disk as you want.

6. Click "Start Processing".

7. It will start upscaling.  

8. After finished, you can click the"Summary" to view the upscaling summary in the message. And "Open in Windows Explorer" to navigate the upscaled video in Windows Explorer to playback.

Note: If you have Camera or Nero Recode Stick, you can record videos(low resolution) via those devices then upscale via Nero AI Video Upscaler.