Nero Blu-Ray Player is an Blu-Ray disc playback application from Nero. It was discontinued with Nero 2016. The latest available version is 12.2.21048  from April 2015. This version is only available with the full installer of Nero 2015 Platinum. It is not available via an online update. 

This version will also work on Windows 10 and can be used in parallel to a more current version of the Nero Suite. It supports playback of any self-created Blu-Ray disc without AACS protection and the playback of BD-MV folders from hard disc. The same is true for AVCHD discs and folders. Playback of commercial Blu-Ray titles is supported for titles created before 1st of January 2017. Playback of newer titles will prompt an generic error message in the application.

To play self-created AVCHD/Blu-ray discs/folders with Nero MediaHome, please drag & drop the folder with the name "STREAM" into Nero MediaHome. This will play all titles on the disc in sequential order.