The new Nero Start provides the function for online updating your Nero products.

Checking for Online Updates will get the updates for 

  1. The basic components, free applications or Content Packages.
  2. The applications in the product which are selected in the Nero Account -> My product page. 

Let's say you have Nero Platinum Suite and Nero Platinum 2023 available in your Nero Account, and select Nero Platinum 2023 as the default product. Then only the updates for applications in Nero Platinum 2023 will be listed in the Updates screen. If you switch to Nero Platinum as the default product, then only the updates for applications in Nero Platinum will be listed in the Updates Screen. 


After checking, a number badge will be shown next to “Updates” in the left menu bar.


To update the Install & Online Update configuration, click “Apply” in the Options screen for the updated configurations to take effect. 

For installing or updating, the applications need to run in administrator mode, so a UAC dialog will pop up to get permission while the installation is in progress. 



How to configure Install and Online Update

In the Options screen under section “Install & Online Update”, it is possible to set the Install and Update configurations. 


Install location for Nero Products

The root folder in which Nero Start will install all Nero products or applications.

  • Change the install location setting will only apply to the next installation or update.
  • The space size of the target drive for installations should exceed 5GB or more available space.

Temporary files

The folder used to store the temp downloaded files. Click the button “Delete” to remove the whole folder and files .

  • The space size of the drive for storing temporary files should exceed 5GB or more available space

Online Update

Online update policy for Nero Products. 

Click the button “Check for updates” to skip the current modification in Option screen and open the Updates screen to check the latest updates for all available application in the selected product. 

  • Download updates but let me choose whether to install them (recommended)

While Nero Start launches, check and download the latest updates for the selected product. After the installer packages have been downloaded, a notification will appear. Click the notification to continue with the installation.

  • Check for update but let me choose whether to download and install them

While Nero Start launches, only check if there are updates for the selected product. The badge number will update at the same time.

  • Never check for updates (not recommended)

Never check updates for the selected product any more.




How to Install or Update applications in the Updates screen

When the auto update check for the Nero Application is set, every time Nero Start launches, the application will check if there are any updates for the selected product. In addition, you can check manually in the Updates screen.


Below screen means all applications are updated to the latest version.


If there are updates for the selected product available, or there are applications available for the selected product but not installed yet, they will all be listed in the Updates screen. The difference is if the application is available but not installed yet the button will show “Install”, and if the application exists  but needs to be updated, the button will say “Update”.


Click the button “Install” or “Update” to start to download the select application, then install it. Also a progress bar will indicate the whole process. 

At the same time, the downloading can be canceled by clicking the button “X”. While the application installing/updating begins, the whole process cannot be canceled any more.


You can also click the button “Update all” in the top-right to update all available applications to the latest version.


While the Nero application updating begins, you can leave the Updates screen. Nero Start will handle the whole process in the background, and you will be notified upon all successful installations.


If you exit Nero Start while the application is still updating, a warning dialog will pop up. Exiting Nero Start will cancel all application updating. You can restart the update process when launching Nero Start again by clicking “Update all”.  



If an application update has failed, you can click “Try again” to try to download and install the application again. In most cases it will fix the issue. If the issue still exists, click the button “Send ticket” to create a support ticket and our engineers will check and fix the issue.