If you place order for Nero 2021 Platinum or Nero subscription Platinum versions, you will get a full offline installer. 

The installer allows you to customize the installation settings. You can do by following below steps:

  1. On the first page click on the button "customize".
    You can see al customize settings options in the expanded page below.
  2. To select the customized installation, click on the button "browse".
  3. To select the programs you want to deinstall or install, click on the button "installtion settings".

You can refer below screenshot for detailed operation.

If your product is not Nero 2021 Platinum nor Nero subscription Platinum, you will probably get an installer which calls NeroCore. It disallows to customize settings. You will not get those customize options in Nero Core installer like the full offline installer. 

After Nero Core's installation, you need to download and install other programs involved in your order from Nero Start->Update. 

How to customize the installation settings for those new downloaded programms:

Note: This has to be done before installation!

  1. Open Nero Start
  2. Click on the icon "support"
  3. Click on "options"
  4. Go to "install location for Nero Products"
    You can now cange the installation path as you want.