There are several types of Nero program installers.

A: Core installer

If you are running a Nero Core installer, you are not allowed to change the installation path in the begining of installation. 

After installation, you need to download and install more Nero programs from Nero Start->Updates. 

  1. Open Nero Start
  2. Click on the first of the 3 icons in the top right corner.
  3. Click on "Options"
  4. Go to Install & Online Updates -> Install location for Nero Products. Click '...' button to browse to the installation path as you want.

B: Offline installer

If you  are running an offline installer, you are allowed to cusomize the installation settings in the first page of the installer.

  1. On the first screen click on the button "Customize". You can see all customize settings options.
  2. To change an installation path, click the button "..." and browse to the path you would like Nero to install.
  3. To select the programs you want to deinstall or install, click on the button "Installtion Settings", and deselect the application you don't want to install.

C: For Nero 2020 or older versions, please refer to this article: