If the status of the application is always "downloading" or "pending" when updating the Nero application on the "Nero Start" -> "Updates" page, or the "Network is not available" dialog pops up, please refer to the following solutions to solve the problem:

Solution 1

Restart Nero Start, go to the "Updates" page, click the "Check for updates" button, and then download and install Nero applications one by one instead of updating them all.

Solution 2

Please open Nero Start:

1. Click 'Support' icon in the upper right corner and select 'Options'.

2. Expand 'Network Connection'.

3. Please select "No proxy", if your PC is connected to the Internet without a proxy; Select "Use manual proxy", and then enter the proxy if your PC is connected to the Internet with a proxy set.

4. Click 'Apply' button.

5. Restart Nero Start and then update your applications on the "Updates" page again.

Solution 3

Click on the first icon in the upper right corner of Nero Start, select "Options" and expand "Install & Online Update".

Modify the "Install location for Nero products" and "Temporary files" path, switch to another disks, such as D: disk or E: disk, click the "Apply" button, and then go to the "Updates" page to download and install the application again.

Please avoid saving to a path containing symbols, spaces, or special characters.

Solution 4

Please check the configuration of your system:

1. Do you have Anti-virus software installed on your computer? 

2. Have you configured a firewall?

3. Have you set up a VPN on your computer?

If yes, please turn off Anti-virus software, Firewall and VPN, and then restart Nero Start to download and install Nero applications.