You may see such errors when installing Nero software: "1939: Service 'Nero Update' (NAUpdate) could not be configured...". "1921: Service Nero Update (NAUpdate) could not be stopped." This error is caused by the Nero Update service being unable to be configured due to the permissions of the installer.

In order to resolve the problem, please follow below steps:

1. Open "Computer Management" (You could search in Windows Start to open it)-> "Services and Applications" -> "Services", check whether the user has administrator rights to configure the entire operating system service. Please check the screenshot below to see if the user has the right to stop the service.

2 If you can stop the service, try installing your Nero Product again to see if the issue is gone.

3. If these two steps still can’t resolve the issue, please download the file in ""from this link: .

4. Extract the file to your local drive and exceute the batch file with administrator rights to remove the service.

5. Check if the service has been removed from your operating system. If not, please find the "service.log" from your desktop and send back to us for further analysis. 

(Note that the operating system must be restarted if there is a restart request after the service has been configured.)

6. Try again to perform the installation