Maybe you have experienced installation failed because the directory is not available. The message may look like below:


This is because you used to have Nero product installed and we would like to do the upgrade. But the installer cannot find this product in according location. 

There are two possible reasons for such scenario:

1. You have installed Nero product to a movable location.

Movable location could be: external drive, USB stick, network drive, etc. If this is your case, please attach or connect the movable device back to your PC and keep the drive letter as same as before. And then start the installation again. If you don’t want to install to the same folder as before or you can’t find the USB stick, please refer next section.

2. You have not safely uninstalled the Nero product, such as using some uninstall tool to force uninstall. 

For such case, to successfully install the product, you have to clean up all remaining Nero entries from your system first. Please follow up the steps in below link: