To help us get a better understanding of the problem, please 

  1. describe the steps you have done up until the problem occurred.
  2. Screenshots or photos of the problem would help us to understand the issue.
  3. We also require log files to perform a deep analysis of the problem called

1) Please download the "" file to your hard drive from

2) Open it with Windows Explorer directly.

Start the tool by double-clicking the EXE-file -> The "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe" window opens.

The tool may take several minutes.

You can track each steps in the displayed window.

3) After the tool has successfully run, you will find a file named "" on your desktop. Go step 5).

4) If the file in step 3) is not created, please open Windows Explorer, enter %temp% to go to Temp folder, find the folder named 'NeroSupport'. Right click on the folder and select Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder. It will create a in the temp folder. Go step 5).

(If you are using Gmail mail box, please rename the file to 'NeroSupport.txt' then send us as attachment.) 

5) Please send us the file via email or any cloud service with the download link, e.g. OneDrive. 

Please note:

If the "GetSupportFiles" tool gets an error, restart the tool. After restart, "GetSupportFiles" will automatically run again.


You can open a new ticket here and send us all the information from above 3 steps. 

* Here is some more information about the "GetSupportFiles" tool. The tool can collect the following information:

- Log files for all Nero applications.

- System information collected by the Windows tool "MSInfo32".

- Installed DirectX version information.

- "SchedLgU.txt" log file --> This file lists all the tasks that the current system is running.

- Related registry information.

- Executed setup information of the Nero programs.

- CD/DVD driver installation information.