Here are some solutions for Perform end of DAO Error (Device not available).

  • Upgrade or Rollback the Driver Firmware   

 It’s mostly like to cause this issue after user upgrade the system or using drive updrade check, the firmware of the burner reject the write command for lead-out area. And this requires installing the specific official firmware for the burner.

  • Try to write Audio CD with Track-At-Once in Nero Burning ROM                                   

This is only for burning Audio CD case. In contrast to DAO, TAO operates by turning the writing laser on and off at the beginning and end of each track and writes the Program Area of a disc before its Lead-In and Lead-Out Areas.   It is possible to use a recorder to read/write a TAO disc before a session is fixated. 

  •  Phisical media/port/laser problem

  Try with other disc burner or new discs; try to connect the burner to another SATA connector.