If you are Nero desktop customer, please launch Nero Start. If you are Nero AI online services customer, please go to Nero Account online page > Account information.

How do I change the email address of my Nero account?

  • 1. Open Nero Start on your computer and log in to the account whose email address you want to change. 
  • 2. Click "Account Settings" in the upper right corner, select "My profile".      
  • 3. Click the 'Edit' icon behind your email address, Nero Account online page will be opened. The email change need to be done in the Nero Account online page. 
  • 4. Click ‘Email’ in ‘Account information’. ‘Edit’ button will be enabled once you confirmed not a robot. Click ‘Edit’.
  • 5. Follow the guide to confirm your password.
  • 6. Now you can enter the new email address. Click ‘Change Email’ and make sure you want to move all your Nero products and services to new email.
  • 7. Your new email address will receive a confirmation email. You will be able to change your account’s primary email by clicking the verification button in the confirmation email.
  • 8. Clicking the verification button to start the change. Please be patient and don’t leave the page. After email address is changed successfully, please go to Nero Start to log back in with your new email.


1. As Email is a very important information for your Nero account, please change it carefully.

  • There is only one chance to change your primary email per year. If you do have special request to change it again, please contact our customer support to get some help.
  • In order to avoid the change by mistake, the primary email can be rolled back to the original one within 48 hours.

2. After changed the primary email, when checking the order information, you may find that some of the order information is empty. Don’t worry. All of your information, products and services have been properly saved. This is just a “display” issue and we are fixing.