After you burn a disc with Nero Burning ROM, if the audio CD could not be played with CD player, Please open the disc in Windows Explorer to check the files. 


If all the files are located in 'Files Ready to Be Written to the Disc' section in stead of 'Files Currently on the Disc', it means 

there is an error occurs when the files that you're trying to burn are accidentally placed on the driver that is used by the disc burner, or when attempting to burn a disc fails.

To resolve this, we suggest that you delete the temporary files to be burned as these files could be conflicting the process of burning the files that you want.

Here are the steps:

1. Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R simultaneously.

2. Type shell:cd burning, and then press Enter to open the Temporary Burn Folder.

3. Delete all the files in the Temporary Burn Folder folder.

4. Restart the PC.

5. Attempt to finish burning the CD.

Note: if some files in Temporary Burn folder won't be deleted, please restart the PC, and then try the procedure again.