Would you please try below proposals?

1. Please check if there is new driver for your burner and firmware. Please update if there is.

2. Please check the brand and model of your SATA controller and search if there is new driver for it. Update the version if there is.

3. Try to connect the burner to another SATA connector in motherboard. If you are using PCI-E SATA converter, please try to connect to SATA port on motherboard directlly.

4. If no method was useful for you, we want to provide a new version for you to fix this problem.

  •  Don't uninstall NeroBurningRom on your PC. 
  •  Please get the binaries from

NBR 365: https://ecloud.nero.com/index.php/s/crke9efce6qCXo9

Nero2019: https://ecloud.nero.com/index.php/s/XcbYDYjbfKp37D9


Download and unzip it.

  •  In the extracted folder directly open the StartNBR.exe for Nero BurningRom or StartNE.exe for Nero Express. 

Many thanks if you can tell us your testing result whether it is OK or not.

If the issue still exists, please also send us the log from %appdata%\Nero\Nero xx(your version)\Nero Burning ROM\NeroHistory.log. We will check it. Many Thanks.